Mailing list ( 

The e-mail list contains Emile’s weekly and monthly reports, guidance counsellor´s bulletins and all other so-called official announcements. Through the e-mail list, for example, university staff and other students and organizations provide information on studies, internships, scientific research and workplaces. This is the surest way to get a wide variety of information from several various sources. You can sign up by clicking the “Mailing list”. 

Members Facebook-group 

In Facebook group events, registrations, weekly and monthly reports, and conference greetings are shared with others. Unlike the mailing list, this information channel informs only Emile’s Board of Directors and Emile ry’s members. That’s why the main focus is on Emile’s own operations and therefore the Facebook group is the surest way to keep up with the events! 

Instagram-account (emile_ry) 

On Instagram pictures of the events and other activities are shared as well as reminders of upcoming events and their registrations! Worth a follow, if you want to feel the vibe and spot your acquintances on the photos!

Official Facebook-page 

Contains mostly Emile´s own events and occasionally shared posts from the website. By liking or following you will get notifications from the page´s publications. The page contains nothing that Members Facebook-group doesn´t and is mostly a tool used by board members to make events and answer messages. 

Emile´s, Abaku and Varkaat´s exercise shift-group 

In the Exercise Shift group, Emile, Abakus and Varkaat sports coordinators inform the type of exercise shift for that week on a weekly basis. The group also asks about members wishes and it is easy to share development ideas through this group. You should join if you are a exercise shift user! 

Emile´s blood donating -group 

This group is for every Emile`s member, who is interested in donating blood. The group decides on one appoinment for autumn (fall) and spring season.