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Emile is the subject association for those majoring in education and adult education. Its purpose is to mind the benefits of the students. Emile’s job is to protect and preserve the rights belonging to students

Emile works on the conditions of the students in education and adult education; their wishes, wants, activity and ideas are what keep it alive. The board and active members are a vital part of its functioning.

The board is responsible for almost all the activity directed to the majors- the official and information-based  but also the less-official but all the more important leisure time.

Emile changes every year according to the activity level of the students- so, it always reflects the people who make things happen. The board members each have their own section which are firmly tied to university world and student life.

Emile is there for its students and its main job is to support, guide and help students in everything about student life. Joining Emile is a great way to make friends and contacts all over the university.

One is free to choose to either join or not to join the activities. Yet, it is much less safe for a solitary student without a subject association where each student is protected as an equal individual. Subject association activity is not without a course. Rather, it consists of pondering the official, forming propositions, maintaining the rights of the students but most of all, listening to them and understanding.

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