Joining Emile and Membership

Become a member

A person must study in the degree program of Education and Adult Education in the Jyväskylä University in order to join Emile ry. They also must accept the purpose of the association and pledge to follow its rules. Exchange students cannot become members but they are allowed to participate in the events of Emile ry even when the event is for members only.

Membership is valid for eight years (2920 days), after which membership automatically ends. If the studies continue in the degree program of Education and Adult Education, the membership can be renewed.

As a member, you will receive student overalls and Emile products at a discounted price, as well as other changing benefits from the association’s partners. In addition, you get event tickets at the membership price and you can participate in Emile’s own events. As a member, you can join the Facebook group of Emile ry’s members, you have the right to vote and you can run for the association’s board if you wish. Membership in the association also includes membership in the Finnish Association of Educational Sciences Students. You can read more about Emile ry’s membership benefits here.

Our membership register has been transferred in March 2021 to KideApp, through which membership also takes place. By paying a one-time membership fee of 12 euros and filling in Emile ry’s membership information form, you will receive a digital membership card in KideApp’s wallet. If you wish, you can also get a carrot sticker to be glued to the student card by contacting the government’s finance manager. The digital membership card and carrot sticker serve equally as proof of membership.

Instructions for purchasing a membership in KideApp: 

1. Download the application to your phone.
2. Log in with your account or create an account for yourself if you are a new user.
3. Search for memberships or search for ”Emile ry membership” in the search field.
4. If you are already a member, choose your annual course from the free memberships. 
If you are a new member, choose a new membership that costs 12 euros.
5. Fill out the membership information form.
6. Click “go to order” and accept the purchase. Membership is awaiting approval from the controller.
7. Once the membership is approved, you will see it in under Memberships in your own wallet.

 You can join as an alumni member here! (to be translated)! Alumni membership is intended for graduates whose Emile Association membership has expired or is about to expire.