As a member of Emile ry, you are entitled to tremendous membership benefits! Proof of your membership is Emile ry’s membership in More information and instructions on how to obtain a membership in can be found here.

Members receive: 

  • Member discount on Emile’s overall patches
  • Member discount on Emile’s student overalls 
  • The right to participate in Emile’s own events 
  • Free coffee and tea at Emile’s subject organization premises 
  • Membership of the Finnish Association of Educational Sciences Students 
  • Possibility to borrow Emile’s interview recorders, instructions below 
  • Access to the Emile ry –members Facebook group   
  • Voting rights and the opportunity to run for office on the association’s board
  • Tap beers and siders -15%
  • Blueberry/lingonberry shot 4cl 3€
  • BlueberryMule & Pulina Mixed drink 5€
  • Red or white wine 12cl 4€ and the bottle 23€
  • Coffee or tea 1€
  • Small soft drink 1€ and big soft drink 2€
  • Sulami (sandwich) 6€
  • French fries 3€
  • Free admission with a membership sticker on Fridays and Saturdays before 24:00 within the age limits (does not apply to special and public evenings)
  • On Fridays Club Escape age limit for Emile members K18 (normally K20)
  • Padel -discount prices:
    • Weekdays from 7 am to 4 pm 26 € / h 
    • Weekdays from 4 pm to 10 pm 32 € / h 
    • On weekends 32 € / h 
  • Badminton discount prices:
    • Weekdays 7-16, and Sat-Sun 8-12 10 € / h 
    • Weekdays 16-22, and Sat-Sun 12-21 16 € / h 
    • The offered prices for padel and badminton include equipment rentals, ie rackets and balls 
  • All other services and products -10% 

  • Winter season 2021
    • Weekdays 3h lift ticket 15 € / person 
    • Weekdays 3h equipment rental 15 € / person
  • Summer season 2021
    • Adventure park -20% off the normal price ticket 
    • Bikepark -10% off normal priced hourly and day tickets

More benefits coming!

Equipment rental

Emile ry offers interview recorders to its members on loan. The recorders are intended for members of Emile ry for research use, ie for recording interviews, for example. You can borrow the player for one week at a time. You can borrow a recorder by contacting Emile’s chairman.

The loan period for the recorders is one week (unless otherwise agreed), after which it will be moved to the next one in the booking queue. You can inquire about the length of the reservation queue from the Vice-Chair. The recorder can be borrowed again with a new acknowledgment if there are no people in the booking queue. By signing, the borrower agrees to be responsible for the recorder during the loan period. The Borrower is liable for damages in the event of breakdown or disappearance from the recorder, unless the Board of Emile ry decides otherwise.