Who is running Emile?

Emile is run by its members – students!

Emile’s activities depend to a great extent on its current active members’ interests. It usually looks a bit different every year. Emile has a board of 13 members that meets on a monthly basis and is responsible for the association’s official decision-making. A new board is elected annually at the end of each calendar year. Each board member has her/his own areas of responsibility.

The Board of Emile 2020
Chairperson: Simo Partanen (simo.v.partanen@student.jyu.fi)

Vice-chair: Emmi Rauhamäki (emmi.k.rauhamäki@stundent.jyu.fi)

Treasurer: Riina Ollila (riina.m.ollila@student.jyu.fi)

Secretary & communications coordinator: Netta Humalämäki (netta98@gmail.com)

Event coordinator: Teresa Ihamäki (teresa.m.m.ihamäki@student.jyu.fi)

Event coordinator: Vilma Vihuri (vilma.a.vihuri@student.jyu.fi)

3MIOT-event coordinator: Aino-Maria Malin (aino-maria.e.malin@student.jyu.fi)

Sports coordinator: Pinja Hytönen (pinja.e.hytonen@student.jyu.fi)

International coordinator: Titta Leisimo (titta.e.leisimo@student.jyu.fi)

Academic and social affairs coordinator: Hanna Malinen (hanna.k.malinen@student.jyu.fi)

Academic and social affairs coordinator: Niina Helenius (niina.m.helenius@gmail.com)

Environmental affairs & Development cooperation coordinator: Anni Lamberg

SKOL and SPECIA coordinator: Riikka Toiviainen (riikka.toiviainen@gmail.com)