The Board of Emile 2022

The job of the board is to plan, execute, and further the subject association activities of Emile ry. The board includes a chairman, a vice-chairman, a secretary, a treasurer, and at most nine (9) other full members. Every member of the board has their own main areas of responsibility in addition to which they work closely together with each other. The board has meetings monthly and the meetings are open to anyone. The activity in the board of Emile is based on voluntariness and a new board is elected yearly in the Regular Autumn Meeting in November. Every member of Emile ry has the right to stand as a candidate for the board and every member of the subject association has the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidate.



Hello! My name is Emilia but people call me Eepi. I’m the International Coordinator of the 2022 board of Emile. I’m a second-year student and a part of the board of Emile for the first time. I applied for the position of International Coordinator because internationality is a very familiar and important topic for me. I have lived and studied abroad a couple of times and have gotten to travel to different destinations. In my free time, I like to, among other things, go out to walk in nature and read. Also, I have danced since I was little which is why I am a dancer in the university students’ interactive musical theater project JyväSpeksi (last year due to corona we couldn’t perform but hopefully this year we can!!).

My position includes tasks such as communication and cooperation with the international students and the international team of the Department of Education and also bringing together the local and international students. Within this board year, I want to bring forth the opportunities for internationalization to the members more clearly and strengthen the interaction between Finnish and international students. If you have anything on your mind regarding international topics or anything else you think I might be able to help you with, don’t hesitate to contact me via email or even social media!

My favorite memory from my time in Emile so far has been our fuksiaiset (freshman initiation event) which was delayed by a year! Everyone was very excited since we finally could have the initiation and everyone was in high spirits. ❤